The Face of Cassia

CNA Tina Plohocky in purple floral scrubs, smiling at the camera

Certified Nursing Assistant Tina Plohocky

Face of Caring – September 2022

September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day—and Cassia wants you to meet Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Tina Plohocky, who serves a significant number of people with Alzheimer’s.

Tina works at Open Circle, which provides adult day services to the community. Many members of Open Circle are living with conditions like Alzheimer’s, which requires specialized training for staff and a passion for the people we serve. Tina has both.

“Tina has been a compassionate and caring CNA for twenty three years at Open Circle,” writes Center Director Terri Joski-Lang.

Business Manager Laura Herman says, “She cares very deeply for each member. She passes her days with a smile, a joke and a laugh. When Tina is not at Open Circle, even for a day, family members and participants alike ask after her.”

“Tina does the work of five people,” adds Open Circle Licensed Practical Nurse Susan Martti. “She knows what to do in most every situation and as a result, members love her and look for her help, when needed.

In addition, Tina commutes an hour each way to work. During the pandemic, when Open Circle closed, Tina worked at Elim Wellspring in Princeton, which was right in her town, less than five minutes away. While she could have stayed, Tina was back serving the Open Circle community once it reopened. Talk about passion!

“My work at Open Circle is a very rewarding part of my life.  It makes me smile knowing I can bring a smile to others each day,” says Tina.

 “Whether their loved ones have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, many come to Open Circle in crisis and don’t know how to help a loved one,” Terri Joski-Lang continues.

Staff agree that Tina has a way of saying just the right thing to help someone through a difficult time. She notices the big and little things that happen when a person living with dementia changes as the disease progresses. Families really appreciate Tina’s feedback.

Cassia also appreciates all the enthusiasm, energy and dedication Tina puts into her work at Open Circle. Thank you, Tina—today and every day.